Card hanger

If you are like me and love to receive cards, especially at Christmas time, then you probably like to display them as well. It can be hard to put them out for people to see sometimes, especially if you are having to navigate around other decorations, or you don’t have much furniture. Well, then here is a cute idea for you.

Simply take some ribbon and tape it along side the back of a door, or even a wall, into any pattern you like. Stripes, plaid, all one color, or multiple colors. Once you have the riboon up then take the cards and tape them along the ribbon as a display. The cards are easily accessible and on display for people to see when they are at your house.

Here are some pictures as an example:  Card displayCard display      card-hanger-b.jpg   card-hanger-2b.jpg

You can also put some lights around the display for an extra festive touch!


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  1. […] up obviously, so I am just going to spruce those up and add a few more cards we have received to my card hanger so that it will be bright and cheery for people to view. Of course, I also have my  lovely light […]

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