Here is an idea for those decorative bowls or containers that you can’t figure out what to put in them. If you are like me, you have lovely decorative bowls that you like to put out on display, but they seem so empty just sitting there. So, I created a light bowl. I know, it seems strange, but it was my husband’s idea and it really looks great. I have gotten so many compliments on it.

If you have lights that are all tangled up from last years decorations, and its harder to straighten them out and cheaper to buy more, then just plug them in and see if they still light. Take the whole lighted tangle and place them into the bowl and let them just come up out of the top. You can even use this tip for lights where only half the strand works, just put the unlit ones on the bottom of the bowl. Depending on the size of your bowl you may need to use two sets of lights as I have done. Another trick is to take another single strand of lights and string them around the bowl so that it looks like the lights are trailing out of the bowl decoratively.

I have provided some pictures below of the light bowl, and one of the lights trailing onto a neighboring bookshelf. And of course, this tip would work for any holiday that lights are involved such as Halloween. The second picture is not as good, but I took it without flash so that you could get an idea what it looks like lit up.

         light-bowl-1b.jpg   light-bowl-2b.jpg   light-bowl-3b.jpg


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  1. […] hanger so that it will be bright and cheery for people to view. Of course, I also have my  lovely light bowl and I may add a few more lights to the surroundings just to give more color to the rooms. I bought […]

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