Daily Update–Shopping

You know, Christmas traffic can be unbelievably bad!! We drove around Nashville yesterday to go Christmas shopping, and I swear we made circles around the perimeter at least 6 times because we couldn’t get anywhere! And I thought Atlanta was bad. Don’t believe all the traffic stats, Nashville has them beat by far, and its EVERYWHERE! Horns honking and blaring, people were gesturing to each other, and no one (and I mean no one) would let anyone out into traffic. We ran across one person that let us out. But, I digress.

 Its almost Christmas, my favorite holiday, and we get to travel back home tomorrow. Here’s hoping that traffic is better going home that it was getting here, and please no rain! It will be a long day couped up in the car, but it will always be good to be home in my own bed. I like Santa to come at my own house!

Though, before we leave we still have one day of shopping left and we are entertaining guests here tonight. A nice lasagna dinner. Yum. Hopefully no one will end up in jail over an unexpected traffic incident………………………..ha ha, :)!

Cheers People, if don’t blog tomorrow, I will blog at some point. Never fear. Even if no one cares, I’m doing it anyway!! he he, thats the power of the computer and the internet, I can do as I please!


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