Daily Update–After Holidays

Well, with the exception of New Years, the holidays are almost over. You know, I so enjoy the holidays, but every year there is a part of me that is glad that I can go back to normal every day life without all the extra stress and requirements. These days can be quite hectic, especially if travel is required. And, as some of you may know if you have read my other daily updates, we have done some traveling this holiday season. Though, admittedly not as much as in years past. Next years holidays are shaping up to be even worse in terms of travel already!

I am a bit ahead on some things already, because I got my thank you cards out in the mail today and once New Years is over I will get all the decorations down for another year. School will be starting back all too soon, and things are really going to get busy. As much as I enjoy an education, and I do enjoy learning, I am growing tired of school. I have been going since 2001, and I started going full time during the day in the Fall of 2005. So, it is growing a bit old, though luckily I am almost to my student teaching and I will be done! Woohoo!! Luckily my passion for History seems to be never ending and that helps to sustain me through the classes I have to take in other areas.


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