SAM Shortline

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Ok, our first train trip idea is one that we have been on before. People come from all over to ride this train. They offer several different schedules, most of them running from at least a half day to a day long trip. This train stops at several historical towns and locations in South Georgia, most notably the town of Plains where Jimmy Carter was born, raised, and still resides.

You can even walk to the site of his current home, though you can only get so close due to the fence and secret service around. Come to think of it, the house is hidden behind trees, so you can really only get a glimpse of the rose garden and you can clearly see the pond. But, if you are a history geek like me, just be near the grounds is a thrill in itself. Though its worth noting that if you get too close to the fence (I wasn’t paying attention and my husband was trying to get a picture), the secret service will speak up and order you away from the fence. Scaring you half to death in the process as you are not expecting very loud voices to come from the speakerbox!!

Here is the site for the train: and click on the link above for pictures.


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