Please HELP ME!

Fat Cat

Fellow Bloggers, this post seems to be causing some concern with readers that we are being cruel to our cat, or killing him. We felt we ought to clarify that this is NOT our cat, it is just a picture that my husband ran across somewhere on the internet and thought was amusing. While we may or may not agree that these people need to put their cat on a diet, we have no power over the life of this cat. Sincerely, The Fites.


38 Responses

  1. Great pictures.

  2. Wow!! That is a big cat. How much does it weigh?

  3. i think that is disgusting!
    animal cruelty.
    you should be in JAIL

  4. E-eso es un gato!! Q le ha pasado!! pobre, poor

  5. This is animal cruelty, why the hell are they allowing this wacko to have a living creature at her care, I pray to god she doesn’t have any kids!!!!

  6. I agree with other, this is a case of animal cruelty. Someone should report this person to the local ASPCA and have this poor cat removed from this invironment. This person should be ashamed of herself.

    • first of all its “environment” not invironment Debbie. maybe you should work on your vocabulary before giving someone advice

      • Perhaps you should improve your grammar before correcting someone on their spelling. 🙂

  7. terrible, if you cared one iota for that cat you wouldnt have let it get that fat.

    its not a good thing, and its so unfair to the cat.

    seek vets advice

  8. That’s not animal cruelty my cat is only a bit smaller than that. they just eat alot. if you leave food out all the time they eat it and it makes them fat! we’ve put my cat on diet food and she lost alot of weight but her skin is still saggy so you could try diet food for it.

    • this is considered animal cruelity… do u not realize that animals and be diabetic just like us and that at high weight levels they can have joint problems. I’m assuming that if u allow ur cat to get this big then u probably dont take it to the vet… and if u do and ur vet doesnt recommend that u do something about the weight then they shouldnt be a vet… the skin wouldnt b saggy if u hadn’t allowed ur pet to get that big. WOuld u let ur children get that big?

  9. PLEASE put this cat on a diet. it will die soon if it stays this weight. its cruel

  10. Some cats are naturally “fat”. Its not always a problem, and the cat looks happy. I had a fat cat and he was “fat” when he came to us as a stray, it can sometimes be just the build of the cat. (He lived for 14 years, the whole time being “fat”!)

  11. I wonder if the note was added before or after all the dumb posters scolding the author of the blog.

  12. its funny how people get a pissy about a fat cat, but the fat people who have to ride sccoters around walmart because they’re so fat they can’t walk get a pass and sympathy. maybe the cat has a gland problem just like all the fat ass people who won’t get off they’re fat asses.

    • HAHA, SO TRUE!!! thx 4 that man.

    • unlike those fat ass people minusing those that have a thyroid problem or other health problems… but cats have no choice… if it has a health condition that makes it fat that is one thing…but even if to us the cat looks happy .. im assuming it cant move on its own

    • You sir, are an idiot. Good day. 🙂

  13. How in the heck does a cat like this even get this big.

  14. Whether this is your cat or not, even when you only think publishing this kind of pictures as amusing you are a sick person.
    It’s cristal clear this cat is in serious danger and not happy at all. So when I would have discovered this photo on the Internet, I had sent a serious email to the owner trying to help the cat instead of posting the photo on the internet. Although you say you do not have a power over the life of this cat, you could have tried at least. But all things point out that you do not seem to be aware of this animal cruelty just like the women on the photo.

  15. to the person who mentioned fat people on scooters, first of all, the majority of fat people CAN help being fat, a cat doesn’t have the mental capacity to realize how much it is eating. second, my mother is a vet, and she said it is very uncommon for a cat to get this fat due to a thyroid problem. whatever the reason for it being fat, get it to a vet and help the poor thing. a fat cat may be cute, but if you love it, you won’t want to slowly kill it.

  16. Awww what a cute kiddy! I have one that’s 28lbs!

  17. If you look for world’s fattest cat on youtube, I’m pretty sure it’s the same one. If it is, it was put on a diet and lost weight and is now safe. 🙂 No need to hissy fit.

  18. Why do u peopleven bother to leave posts about this pic. Who cares if the cat is fat!!!! People don’t try to make their cats fat, and besidesthe cat is probablly happy cause it gets to eat, sleep, and be carried around all day!!!!

  19. hahahahahhahahahahaha this is hilarious you’re taking it waiiiiii too srsly

  20. oh dear… people need to get off the blogs….. and dudes… its just a cat. fat people get too fat and die too… no one really cares about them… they just call them gross. It’s the truth. Here’s another truth…. the cat will die anyway…

    • cats dont have a choice… they depend on us to take care of them…

  21. ok, the person in this picture is disgusting.
    people should not do this to animals, or LET that happen.
    they could have a blocked bladder or something is
    severely wrong.
    people who do this disgust me.
    do not do this to animals.

  22. i meant overweight*** not fat, sorry.

    Lexi: when you say “the cat will die anyway”, well no fucking shit, captain obvious. people die overtime, too! but does that mean we want to live a horrible life, being SEVERELY obese and not being able to enjoy the things a normal person would be able to do? NO, of course it doesn’t. animals deserve a good life too.

    PEOPLE, treat your animals with care. If you can’t take care of it and give it a good life, why have it?

  23. ps; im pity all you people who don’t care for animals, and say we are taking this way too seriously. this is an extreeeeeeme health issue that should be addressed when signs are first shown of obesity/severe weight gain.

    pps: and im sorry i love animals so much that i take pictures like these the “wrong” way in case that’s what you’re thinking.
    but animals deserve the best life possible. pictures like these break my heart. the cat looks in pain. now someone before me said it probably was taken care of and lost weight and is now healthy. well, so be it. so that’s the case. but, that doesn’t happen all the time.
    life is not fair all the time. cats die because of this. and sure, that’s just life. but if you can prevent it from ever happening in the first place, then by all means do it! if you can’t afford it, give the animal to the SPCA!
    my goodness. take care of your pets.
    don’t ever let this happen to your pet.

  24. Hey. It is serious. But guess what. Cats get fat. You guys act like this is the first fat cat picture you have ever seen.


    That is all.

  25. DUUUUDE dont be so stupid. You dont know anything about this cat’s life. Maybe he has a disease, and he has to take medicins that makes him becoming fat. Or maybe this disease makes him fat! Anyway stop saying it’s cruelty and stuff. And there’s a lot of fat cats u know, they’re like humans, so when you see fat kids do you say their parents r cruel? NO, WAY NO! So every body can shut up. And u know what, i can be a joke. U can make this on computer, i dont remember how to say that … U know, with photoshop, you can do everything u like! but anyway. Im sorry my english is not really good but i’m french, and I think i can speak a good english for a french girl:p Cause french people often speak a shit english 😛

    • I agree, some cats that are sick and must take medicine also get massive. MASSIVE massive.

      My mom’s girlfriend’s cat is one of those.

  26. Ok seriously ya’ll have had your fun with the cruelty and slamming one another…Take another look…this is a clear case of ‘photo shop’. You all have been had! Sorry to break it to ya so hard!

  27. was ist das denn für eine katze?!! sind die besitzer ferückt oder was?! das ist doch der wahnsin!!!!! ich kann mir nicht forstellen wie das schwer für die katze ist!!

  28. Stop whining. The photo is a FAKE. This cat was photoshopped and is not really that big. You can find the photo at museumofhoaxes(dot)com. Now get off your high horses and leave the lady alone.

    Also, I had a massive cat that was around 20 pounds who was an inside and outside cat, some cats are just big regardless of diet. He gained more the older he got even though he played and caught mice outside.

    Now stop being Captain Whiteknight and getting your morals all over the place, I do not come online for morality, no one does these days.

  29. WoW look at so many hater’s comment’s… didn’t know fat cats were a Animal Cruelty….so if you think thats Animal Cruelty then what do you call fat people? Disformed? i feel Sorry for the other people that dislike this cat saying they pray you god saying that this woemn won’t have kid’s in the future..GROW UP this cat deserve’s to eat just as much as we can cause thats like saying NO to your kids when they eat and if they get FAT it’s there fault not the parent’s OR ANIMAL OWNER!!!!

  30. is this real

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