Daily Update–Preparing for New Years Eve

new_years_toast.jpg     Well, it is time to prepare for that New Years Eve party/ get together. I think we have decided on a Mexican theme with some really good appetizers and maybe just a main casserole. Some of the recipes I am going to use are already out on the blog and available to share.

I still have my Christmas decorations up obviously, so I am just going to spruce those up and add a few more cards we have received to my card hanger so that it will be bright and cheery for people to view. Of course, I also have my  lovely light bowl and I may add a few more lights to the surroundings just to give more color to the rooms. I bought some tea lights to add to all my candle holders and I have my usual big pot of scented water on the stove. If you don’t know how to do the scented water, it is quick and easy: just take a simple pot, fill it with water and add nutmeg, some cloves, and a bit of cinnamon (or another smelly spice you enjoy) and turn it on to simmer. Just add water when it gets low and it will keep your home smelling lovely.

I am going to have an open bar, with the speciality drinks being margaritas and the Southern Screw drink that I added to the blog earlier. That one always seems to be a favorite with our friends and family, not surprising since it’s quite tasty!! I think we have decided on the Layered Taco Dip, Chorizo, Bean and Cheese Nachos, Vidalia Onion Dip (which isn’t really mexican, but is a nice change from some of the other spicy dishes), and Mac & Cheese skewers. Of course we will have homemade guacamole, plenty of chips, and melted cheese with salsa.

Of course there are all kinds of party ideas online, as well as decorating tips, and recipes. Make sure to remember lots of ice, sodas, and bottled water for your parties. There will always be those that don’t want to drink alcohol and of course your designated drivers. It is also a good idea to have some sparkling cider and champagne for the toasts at midnight, and some coffee going for afterwards.


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  1. Is the photo of the champagne glasses on this page copywrighted?

  2. there are also brass candle holders that are nice but much more expensive than iron candle holders ‘:”

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