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List of U.S. States (alphabetical order)


An alphabetical list of the 50 states, each listing the abbreviations, capitals, and union date (date admitted to the union, or date the state ratified the constitution). Each state link contains a picture of the state itself and the state flag.

Alabama (AL)- Montgomery– 12/14/1819

Alaska (AK)- Juneau– 01/03/1959

Arizona (AZ)- Phoenix– 02/14/1912

Arkansas (AR)- Little Rock– 06/15/1836

California (CA)- Sacramento– 09/09/1850

Colorado (CO)- Denver– 08/01/1876

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Europeans constantly referenced Rome as an ideal throughout the Middle Ages-perhaps in envy. There was almost a constant inferiority complex about the ideal of Rome.

Rome is many faceted as well.

     Some visions of Rome are that they were simultaneously brutal occupiers, but they brought peace, cultural, and institutional progress.

“The Pax Romana”-The Roman Peace:

there was two decades of peace in Rome called the Pax Romana, and it was a flourishing, artistic culture with an expanded and integrated economy.

*It is important to note that most of Rome’s expansion came while it was a Republic and not under Emperor rule.

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America on the Eve of the Revolution


    Colonists who lived in America during the years leading up to the Revolution only called themselves ‘Americans’ in the sense that they lived on the continent of North America. They considered themselves British first and foremost, their second identity was with their colony. This was their colonial identity. At the time of the early 1750s the North American colonists did not see themselves as a unit at all. The colonists were the freest people in the world, and were on their way to being the richest. They were building big colonial homes and using British finery, thoroughly showing their wealth to the world.

      The big nemesis to the colonists and Britain is France, who reinforce their “Britishness” by being the opposite of of them in almost every way. The British contrast themselves from several groups of people:

        -the French because they are an absolutist country whose people are impoverished with no voice, and they are Catholic

        -they see Spain as a secondary colonist, they are not quite as frightening as France

        -the Indians are different as well because they are considered savages,

so it was easy for the British to contrast themselves favorably to these groups, they saw themselves as the better society of people. 

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The American System of Large Numbers

Scientific notation (10³) is used as a means of listing the numbers for which we then list the name. The names listed are used by the U.S. and scientific community.

10^3                                                  Thousand

10^6                                                  Million

10^9                                                  Billion

10^12                                                Trillion

10^15                                                Quadrillion

10^18                                                Quintillion

10^21                                                Sextillion

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A vengeful dog…….

so-i-cant-chew-on-myself-huh-fine.jpg  So, I can’t chew on myself, huh?? Fine!!

Funny Ducks

cartoon-duck.jpg  When I was young we used to go ‘skinny dipping,’ now I just ‘chunky dunk.’    

cartoon-duck.jpg   Wouldn’t you know it…………..
Brain cells come and brain cells go, but FAT cells live forever.

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