Redneck Wedding

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21 Responses

  1. WTF??? Why dont you just expose yourself, woman?

  2. omg damn thats a good wedding

  3. i wanna go to a wedding like that

  4. this is disturbing,
    that woman is a whore.
    COVER up on ur wedding day!!


  5. is this a picture of the hooneymooners w/ the bride in lingerie? have some self respect…

  6. its her choice to be naked and all…but that just makes her look like a hipocritical whore in a wedding dress…not a bride at all hm.

  7. She looks pathetic.

  8. OH MY GOD LADY. this is the most horrible thing i’ve ever seen! What an Idiot

  9. Well I think she just wanted to remind him why he wanted to marry her!

  10. I like that, it’s sexy.

  11. wow chill out. its her wedding she can do what she pleases!.
    and besides after the wedding its just gonna come off of her?!

  12. This looks like a Train wreck! OMG this cant be real!!!

  13. Well then… I guess it really isn’t any of our business of how she dresses on her wedding, but since it is posted, I suppose we can comment on it in any way we choose. So, first of all, I really hope there were no kids at that wedding. I wonder how many redneck kids are scarred for life after something like that. Or do they just see it as normal… Probably not. And secondly, let us not also critique the woman, but also the man. He chose to marry her like that, after all. What does that say about him? Nothing good, I venture…

  14. damn, if this is her wedding day, imagine what she wears on the streets? matter of fact, when she goes clubbing? probably just does naked

  15. OK! I know you love them. But Theres a Place to Show them off. Can not believe you decided that your Wedding was the place for that

  16. that is crazy u should cover up. that is idiotic to dress like that at a wedding. that is nasty and gross. u should not dress like that especially in public.

  17. what an awful way to remember the wedding. Poor priest who married them.

  18. I’m guessing it WASN’T a church wedding???

  19. Look dudes, She can do what she need to do

    just if u dont like the photo just leave and dont reply with noob comments…

    Just learn how to be respected once in ur life..

  20. She looks beautiful; she is naturally blessed and has the right to enjoy her body on her day…looks like she’s wearing the miraculous bra, without the bra

  21. Really? WTF is this a strip joint or a wedding, yeah maybe sure its her wedding, so she will be exposed the way she wants but–Did you have to post this, and have this picture be exploited like this…either she’s trashy or she needs a bigger cup to hold those huge busts! No offense to anybody…but they seem really redneck.

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