Key Problems?

A quick tip about keys. If you don’t have a designated place in your home for keys, you might find that you are always having to look for them. They might get left in your pants pocket, in the kitchen, on the dresser, on the sofa, goodness knows where else. It can be especially annoying in the morning when your are trying to get out the door in a rush. 

So, there are key hangers that you can place by your front door and alleviate all those problems. You can use command hooks, screw hooks, or a decorative door hanger. Of course, every hardware store sells key hangers that you can just hang up with a couple of nails.

When everyone comes home just have them hang their keys on the hook and then they  are always there in the same spot when you need keys. It even converted my husband, who was notorious for losing his keys. You can even use the hook to hang your sunglasses by the door so that you will always have them with your keys.


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