Kitchen Organization

Its often hard to keep things organized in a small kitchen. It can be even harder to maximize space when you have few drawers and even less counter space. A few ideas that I have come across help me to make the most of my small kitchen.

These tips would even work in a larger kitchen so that you can keep your appliances readily available.

If you don’t have many drawers, maximize their use by taking your big serving spoons, spatulas, cooking spoons and things and putting them in a container on your counter top. You can use a decorative pitcher, vase, or something designed just for this use. Put them in handle down and they are readily accessible, and often times can empty out an entire drawer! For example:  kitchen-1b.jpgYou can also keep your measuring cups and spoons readily accessible, by putting them all together in a basket within reach while cooking. This idea is especially useful when dieting and food measurements are often required. It keeps them within sight, so you are more likely to use them.

I also use this pitcher idea for all my wooden utensils that I like to use. This leaves drawer space for silverware and other kitchen utensils. 



One Response

  1. nice idea – it does look good. Of all the utinsils i have, I really only use a few regularly. Another idea is to use the wall space. Myself, I use the same plastic measuring cups I’ve always had, but I’ve given some nice sets as gifts before (web address is where i got them). They have wall mounted strip to keep them out of the way.

    I love your blog!

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