Dirt Roads

Dirt Roads

Old Mountain Road
Once traversed both ways
Buggies and carts
With horses pulled
Children laughed and played

Old gray farmer
Worked hard for family and home
Harvested and ploughed
Rocky ground so unrelenting
Back begins to bend with time

Blue eyes still alive
Shimmered with gold and youth
Now shimmer with silver and age
Skin is sallow
Wrinkles with hard living

Houses new and bright with wood
Porches grand with lemonade
Cool night breezes
Had the scent of plowed fields
Now have trees with no kids to shade

Time moves on and society changes
Leaves behind the dusty porches
Dirt roads that wind
Turn gray and paved
Carts with horses now have cover
Have drivers with steering wheels

Old Mountain Road
No one asks where it once went
No listens to its past
No one knows where it is going
Dirt roads return

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