Bathroom Organization

It’s easy to keep your bathroom organized, whether its small or there are just a lot of products loitering around. If more than one person uses your shower, or you just like to have a variety or shampoos, conditioners, and the like, you can keep it sorted so that bottles aren’t constantly falling on your feet.

There is of course a long line of bathtub shelves that you can by at your local mega mart.

I find that the best ones are the container type variety (I guess they could be called a caddy?) that hang on the walls of the shower that bottles can be put down into. You can use hooks to hang your rags and loofahs on so that they can dry without mildewing. All of which will keep your shower organized and neat for easier use.

You can also use hooks throughout the bathroom to hang towels, hair dryers, curling irons, or various items to keep them off the bathroom counters. This will help to preserve space and make better use of what little bathroom space you may have.


bathroom-1b.jpg    bathroom-2b.jpg   bathroom-3b.jpg    bathroom-4b.jpg



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